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week 10 biography: who is your person?

Do you have a person or have you ever had one? It could be your mom, your partner, your best friend or sibling; anyone that you feel truly gets you. In my opinion, a person is someone who understands you like no one else. You feel safest and happiest around them. 
My ex-boyfriend was my person. He was someone who I felt so comfortable being around, that I never got tired of him. It was crazy because before dating him, I couldn’t stand being around people for longer than 24 hours, but with him it was different. We were long distance but we basically lived together whenever we did get to see each other. I had never felt so close to anyone before but he just understood me. Fast forward, we’re broken up now and even though I don’t regret the break up, I still haven’t met anyone else who gets me like he does. It makes me realize how easily I took finding my “person” for granted. I thought he could be easily replaced but now I realized he can’t.
Moreover, I was talking with my best friend abo…

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