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  1. Hi Audrey!
    I think combining “Avatar the Last Airbender” and stories from the Ramayana is a creative idea! I also really appreciated the trailer and information you provided about the TV series for background information. I had never realized the elements from the show are almost the same as the five basic elements in Indian tradition. I also like that your telling each story from a different avatar’s point of view, sometimes a different point of view can create a completely different story. If I remember correct, the fire benders were the antagonists in the series (I could be so wrong about that it’s been awhile since I’ve watch it), and I’m wonder if Agni will reflect that? Or if Vayu will be trying to master the other elements to “save the world”. Whether your story remains similar to the show or takes its own plot, I’m excited to read more about your storybook! Great job!

  2. Hey Audrey,
    I just got through the landing page and the introduction to your project. Although I have definitely heard of Avatar the Last Airbender and remember it being on TV often while growing up, I never watched it myself, so I am not familiar with the characters or plot at all. Nonetheless, your landing page flavor text and the explanation in the introduction was intriguing enough to get me excited about the future of your project. It looks like the stories of the Ramayana and the elements of Avatar the Last Airbender should be a nice mash-up with the elements and the Gods.

    Have you considered bringing your own character into the Avatar world to represent the "space" aspect of the Indian epics instead of omitting it, or would that take away from the meshing of the worlds? I'm sure the four characters you have will be enough of course, it sounds like they will all have their own unique personalities and trials. Looking forward to reading more of your work!

  3. Hey Audrey,
    I'm a huge fan of your idea. I loved Avatar: The Last Airbender, and it makes total sense to compare the two stories, since they both are focused around the four elements. I wonder if the two storylines will ever line up, or if it'll end up making more sense to use them as foils of each other? Regardless, it's a cool idea and I think it'll turn out well. One thing I could see being difficult to work around is the difference in timelines between the two stories. Indian epics take place over years and years of time, while Avatar all happened relatively quickly. If you're hoping to somehow make the two follow along each other, I suggest including the Legend of Korra in your work. I never watched all of Korra, so I don't know the plot exactly, but I do know it takes place a few decades after the events of Avatar, which would give you more time to work with!

  4. Hey Audrey,
    I absolutely am in loveee with your project so far! I am the biggest avatar fan! I am doing a project on Hanuman son of Vayu and in doing that I've done plenty of research on Vayu so I love that he is the next air bender! It's so creative and will hit home for almost everyone! Take what the people know twist it a little, teach them, and they're entertained the whole time: genius idea! It was also smart of you to make your intro with so much background info on the show for those who don't know. I also love that you included the trailer, greta for visualizing it! Regardless I will be back to visit to see how Vayu fairs against Fire Lord Ozai (Phoenix King)!

  5. Hello Audrey, I am so excited to see what you will do for this. I love watching Avatar the Last Airbender and am extremely curious to see how you combine it with the Ramayana. I was hooked right from the home page. I actually have that opening memorized and could see the opening of the show as I read it. I have to admit the name "Vayu" completely threw me because I was expecting Aang. Which on that note at the end of your intro after the picture did you mean to put "Aang" or "Vayu?" I feel like it should be Vayu because the siblings names are not the original names. I also feel like the home page should give credit to the show for the opening but I'm not completely sure on how you would do that. I think you did a really good job with your introduction. The readers know exactly what to expect but we could still be surprised because there are no spoilers. It's obvious you've spent time on the wording and organization of the intro. The trailer is also a great idea as extra info for those who are not familiar with the show. Well, I'll be back next week for the next story (or earlier).

  6. Hi Audrey! ATLA is one of my absolute favorite shows and holds a special place in my heart, too! I was super excited to see this as a storybook. I was not sure how it was possible to combine Indian Epics and ATLA, but you did a wonderful job! It is so genius the way you are going to intertwine the stories. Your introduction is perfect, as it explains your thought process and helps me see what is about to happen in your writing. It really prepares the reader. I also love your layout because it is simple and easy to navigate. Putting that video on your introduction page is a great idea for those who are not familiar with the show. I have a feeling anyone will be able to understand your storybook--not just those who are fans of the show. Great job! I can't wait to see what else you come up with!

  7. Hi Audrey,

    I like your concept a lot. Maybe just because I like Avatar. One thing I would say about your overall layout of your web page is that the banner image is a little bit pixelated and a little bit cut off. Maybe you can try to change the banner size to something smaller so we can see more of the map. Another really small thing is that I think it would just be a little better if you capitalized the name of your pages from "home" to "Home". I think it just looks a little bit cleaner. I am a little confused about the overall concept though because you mention that you are going to be writing about different people as masters of each different element but in the show there was only one person so maybe you could clarify that a little in the introduction. Other than that good video for background!

  8. Hi Audrey!
    I love what your story book is going to be over and what you have been able to accomplish with is thus far! It was fantastic that you were able to put in the trailer for the Last Airbender within your introduction. By doing this your readers will be able to see your vision even more! I do wonder though why you choose that particular image of Varuna and her brother Kippi discover Aang solidified in a large glacier? Maybe I missed your explanation somewhere.
    What if you were able to find or maybe resize the main image you have for your background in this story book? Maybe it is just a personal preference but I think using a sharp image to be the background of your project would portray a better image of this story book as a whole. I love the last air-binder and can not wait to see what you are able to create with the ties into Indian epics!

  9. Hi Audrey! Ugh I love this concept soo much, I love how neatly the different elements of Avatar the Last Airbender fit into Indian myths and deities. I can't believe I never thought of this and I'm excited to see where the stories will go. It might be interesting to tie in the fact that Bhumi the earth goddess kinda sounds similar to the name of Bumi, the earth bending King of Omashu. Maybe he could be a distant relative or something. I also liked how informative your introduction was, since some people might have never seen Avatar the Last Airbender and might be confused. I'm wondering how you'll incorporate the concept of the avatar into the 4 different gods and goddesses of the element you've chosen. Will they be different incarnations throughout time? I guess I'll have to find out. I know you said in your other blog post that you're experiencing some writer's block, but I believe in you! Your first story is really good and I can tell you've worked hard on this. Don't put too much pressure on yourself. :)

    1. Also, some formatting thing, I noticed that the photo of the map of the 4 nations is a bit blurry, maybe try to find a higher quality image, as well as the photo of the 4 elements you chose for the first story is kind of blurry and cut off, so maybe there's a more rectangular image of the 4 elements that you can use? That's all!

  10. Hello again Audrey,
    Wow this really feels like I'm watching the first episode of Avatar the last Airbender. It's really cool how well Vayu (lord of the wind) fits with being an Airbender. I was not expecting the 1st person POV but you did really well writing this. Especially the beginning where you do a very good job of describing him partially waking up before fainting again. This really reminds me of my childhood. I will definitely come back to see what you do next.
    I noticed you kept the name Appa for the avatar's flying animal ride but, in your story, I'm not sure if Appa is still a sky bison or if he is the gazelle in the picture that Vayu rides. Maybe you could add a few details in your story about what Appa looks like?
    I do wonder if you considered putting your own spin on the episode? It might be really neat to have a twist in the plot so those who know Avatar so we'll might be surprised at something. I'm really curious how you would put your own spin in the story too.

  11. Audrey,

    Avatar, the Last Airbender is a GREAT show. I love the show, and I love your storybook idea. I'm interested in seeing where you go with the idea.
    The first person perspective is great and adds so much to your story. That said you didn't describe Appa at all? Is Appa still a sky bison, or is he the deer/gazelle that Vayu is shown riding in your picture? Also, could you describe what the characters physically look like? I'm imagining that you literally took the show and just changed the names of the characters. I think you need to describe what each of the characters look like to really differentiate your story from the show in people's minds. I'm sure Vayu is not a scrawny shirtless boy with blue arrows on his head and hands.
    On top of this, you didn't show airbending at all?! I feel like that is one ENORMOUS connection between the show and your story that you're simply leaving out. I read your first story and was shocked that you never mentioned it. It's like you made chocolate chip cookies but left out the chocolate chips! PLEASE add your version of Indian gods bending the elements because simply describing the show but changing the characters' names didn't do it for me. There's so much potential here- you're just a half step away from perfect execution.

  12. Hello again, Audrey. Since I last visited your storybook, I see you've written your first "episode!" At first I was confused by Katara being called Varuna when Sokka's name stayed the same, but it didn't take long before I understood what you were saying. Your first "chapter" had a pretty similar feel to it as the show itself does, so kudos to you. I'm also glad Appa is included in your retelling. Will you describe him as he was designed for the tv show, or will you have him resemble a character from India epics? What about Momo? I don't have any clue if there are creatures in Indian epic culture that resemble either Appa or Momo, but it would be neat if there were. I'm interested to see how your storybook will turn out! I doubt you'll have time to cover all of the Avatar's plot, but you're certainly off to a good start.

  13. Hiya Aurdrey, I had to come read your storybook since you're doing a rendition of The Last Airbender, one of my favorite shows from growing up. Reading this makes me want to go back and watch it again just so I can keep up with your stories a little better! Your imagery is a great representation of what viewers who've watched the show saw, and you do a fantastic job in getting us connected to the characters quickly. The comedy of how unbelievable a kid in an iceberg is portrayed well in your story too. I'm excited where you take this story with all the creative freedom you've given yourself. Where Vayu may just be lord of the wind, maybe in this case he could reach a fuller potential to fit the part of Aang! I'll for sure be back to see which part of the show you choose to be your stories in your book!

  14. Hi Audrey, I really enjoy seeing how different people reinterpret Indian Epics with popular modern TV shows! I've read some really creative ones so far, and your's is right up there. I think that Avatar has so many great parallels to the Epics we've read so far. I love the Avatar series, and I'm looking forward to seeing how you compare different characters from Vayu's story to Aang's. It seems like Vayu is way different from Aang in terms of temperament, so that should add a lot of depth to your story. I was wondering– is Appa still an air bison in your story? It might be fun to change Appa to a flying creature in Indian mythology. It would be a cool way to research into Indian folklore and add more layers to your stories. Also, is there any sort of equivalent to the Avatar in Indian mythology? I can't wait to see where you decide to take your story; you have a ton of great options, good luck!

  15. Hi Audrey! I didn't watch much Avatar The Last Airbender much growing up, but I have liked reading the storybooks of people who take the Ramayana or Mahabharata and turn them into something relatable. Your storybook is no exception - I think the introduction does a good job of establishing the storybook premise in that it introduces us all to the Avatar world. I think your selection of story ideas makes sense, so I am looking forward to the next couple stories! As for story 1: Airbender, even though I've barely seen the original show, I thought it made sense. I thought it was funny that these gods all had a grandma. Will we learn more about her role in the story as time goes on? Is Appa the animal Vayu is riding in the picture? It would be nice to integrate pictures more into the story so we can imagine what is happening more - having the iceberg from the introduction embedded instead in the first story might be helpful for example

  16. Hello again, Audrey. So you've written your second episode! I was a little off guard to find our main characters at the North Pole so soon, but it's probably smartest to only include the most important plot points for time's sake. You described the North Pole waterbending city beautifully; it sounded just like the city from Avatar. I'm also glad that you chose to write this portion of your story from Varuna's perspective rather than Vayu's, since Varuna/Katara has a stronger connection to waterbending than Vayu/Aang does at this point in the story. My only suggestion would be to ease up on Saka a little bit (did you mean to change the spelling from Sokka to Saka, by the way?). He's annoying at times, but the best part about Avatar is that each character clearly displays personality strengths as well as weaknesses. Saka is also clever and resourceful, even if he is kind of irritating at times. Good work so far!

  17. Audrey!

    Your storybook is quite legendary - and I mean that both ways in context of the Indian Epics AND Avatar. Such a classic! I love how eloquently you incorporated the show's characters with some of the gods from the Indian stories, and I thought you did a great job explaining how the characters' personalities and roles matched up with each other. I also wanted to note that these gods had gender flips since you kept the characters from the Avatar the same. So cool!

    My only recommendation would be to incorporate a little more about Indian Epics into your storybook. I know you discussed in your Intro that you'd be keeping the story line from the show and just telling it in the perspective of the Indian Epics' gods, but I think that kind of takes away from the course's material! I also think it would've been a new and fresh take on the show, especially for people who have already watched it.

    Thanks anyway for your work! It was so fun to read :-)


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